World War 4

Battle Event

Death Rate

In every deadly fight your team has to involve, there will be a certain percentage that there will be sacrifices.
  • The higher the total health and defense of the squad, the lower the sacrifice rate will be
  • The higher health of the NFT, the lower the sacrifice rate will be
  • Once the NFT is dead, it will be vemoved and there is no way to revive the NFT anymore
Death Rate is reduced to 0% in the first two days after the main-net releases

Double Reward

In each fight, there will be 1 chance that you will get double the amount of reward. This ratio is based on your squad's Luck score.
Example: You complete Map Cannae and get 0.17 BNB, but for Double Reward event you will get 0.17*2 = 0.34 BNB
Improve your luck points to increase your chances of getting double rewards