World War 4

How to play and earn reward

1️⃣ To start joining battle, players need to assemble an ARMY
  • 4 ARMY NFT of any kind can be used to form an ARMY
  • Players can get ARMY NFT through opening Cartridge box or purchasing from other players on the Marketplace
Soldier and SWAT NFT can be directly bought at some special sale
2️⃣ Participate in Battle daily. Higher level battle field required more stats (Blood and Fight Power) from your army
  • Casual Field gives you Sharpnel as rewards
  • Fatal Field gives you $WWF Tokens as rewards
To be able to join Fatal Field, players' ARMY must be formed by 4 different types of ARMY NFT
3️⃣ Accumulate enough shrapnels to create a Cartridge. Use your Cartridge box for your best interest, players have three choices when opening Cartridge
  • Open Cartridge to get ARMY NFT
  • Open Cartridge to get EQUIPMENT NFT
  • Open Cartridge to get Medal
Cartridge box can be traded easily as we created WW4 Orcale System. For more information, refer WW4 Orcale System
4️⃣ Upgrade your ARMY NFT and EQUIPMENT NFT to better your income