World War 4

WW4 Oracle System

What is an oracle based game? It's a game which uses a series of mathematical formulae embedded into the game smart contracts so as to maintain and fix the prices of in-game items such as buying WW4 NFT, equipment,...
All the prices you see in-game are based on the price of BNB.
We also base all game rewards on BNB. You decide when to claim and swap them into $WW4

Prices are all fixed in BNB.

When you play World War 4, all the game prices and rewards are calculated based on BNB.
For example in your first mission:
  • You have earned 0.2 BNB in a mission. Your rewards will show a total of 0.2 BNB
  • At the time you want to cash out your rewards, let's say market value 1 BNB = 10,000 $WW4
  • You will receive 5,000 $WW4 in your wallet

Why are we using this system?

We have participated in NFT games since 2020, our team has studied and realized that most games are unsustainable. At best, they last 3-4 weeks.
Our mission and goal are to setup a reliable and fully sustainable game that will last for years to come and still give the player good returns.
This is why WW4 follows these principles:
  1. 1.
    To set all in-game prices in BNB and as such, all players will be treated fairly no matter if they are early investors or late investors.
  2. 2.
    To ensure that the players are not losing value no matter at which stage they claim their rewards. All rewards will be exchanged from BNB value to $WW4 value at that time so players have no long-term risk.
  3. 3.
    The closed loop economy system ensures that the game tokens are thoroughly recycled and redistributed in the WW4 project ecosystem.

What is the Rewards Oracle?

in WW4, we have developed an innovative auto-swap system in order to keep your rewards stable. When you play the game, your rewards will be given as BNB. You can claim your rewards anytime and our in-game system will auto-swap it into WW4 at that exact moment.

Why is this auto-swap important?

Well, many P2E games have a huge problem with keeping rewards value stable. One day your token rewards might be worth $1000 when the chart is good but few moments later when the chart drops, your tokens might be worth $200.
Here in $WW4, we maintain your rewards value to BNB so that whenever you wish to claim your rewards, you will always be paid in $WW4 based on your BNB value. This is excellent for the durability and economy of the game since players will feel safe playing long-term.